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All you need to know during your pregnancy if you are planning a water birth either at home or in hospital.

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Winners Announced!

Judge Amy Maclean says, "Thanks once again to the amazing women of the UK for sharing their photos of this life changing event with us. These fabulous images will inspire mothers, fathers and midwives on their respective journeys through pregnancy, parenthood and life.

Choosing winners has been exceedingly difficult and we must humbly recognise that, in a greater sense, all entrants are winners. We now invite a public vote for your favourite photo using the Facebook "Like" buttons below - let the people's voices be heard!"

1st Prize: Leanne from Kent with her newborn

Leanne from Kent with her newborn babyJudges' comments:

This is our absolute favourite photo - it totally captures the elation and happiness that goes along with a home water birth. The hand in the background indicates the existence of gentle support but you can see from this woman's face just how pleased she is because she knows she did it herself. There is a sense that she almost can't quite believe that she did it, but now knows that she can do anything in the world as a result of doing this.

Click image to enlarge


2nd Prize: Sharon, Steven and Erin with newborn Ayla from Cornwall

Sharon, Steven and Erin with baby AylaJudges' comments:

I love the family interaction in this photo; for me, it shows the extra/ordinariness of birth. Fantastic!

Click image to enlarge



3rd Prize: Paula from Surrey

Paula from SurreyJudges' comments:

This photo captures the calm peace around much of labour, as if in a meditative state, preparing to meet a new life.

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>> View the Shortlist on Picasa Web Albums or on Facebook. Note that Facebook has removed some photos because they contain nudity.

About the Competition


The purpose of the Competition is to share images of waterbirth that increase awareness of its benefits and confidence among women, their partners and health professionals.
The Shortlist and Winners from the 2009 Competition can be viewed at here or at The Good Birth Company's page on Facebook.

  • 1st Prize: Apple iPod Touch 8GB, worth £149 (or £120 John Lewis vouchers)
  • 2nd Prize: Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB, worth £45 (or £40 John Lewis vouchers)
  • 3rd Prize: £25 John Lewis voucher, valid online or in store

All prizes and values correct as of 4th March 2010.

Judging Criteria

The judges will seek to award prizes to the images that they feel best convey the raw beauty, power and calm of waterbirth.
Criteria for Entry

  • You are a UK resident and the owner of the images
  • Maximum 2 photos per birth allowed
  • Image minimum dimensions 400 x 300 pixels
  • Image maximum dimensions 3000 x 2250 pixels, i.e. approx 7MP
  • File formats accepted: JPEG (.jpg), ACROBAT (.pdf)
  • You are not an employee of The Good Birth Company
  • Photo not entered into the competition in any previous year


Process for sending in entries & Agreement


  • Email photos to photo@thegoodbirth.co.uk, with your name, the town where you live and the first names of those in the photo
  • You will receive an email confirming receipt of your image within 7 days. This does not mean that your image has been validated as meeting the entry criteria. If you do not receive this email confirmation within 14 days, please email info@thegoodbirth.co.uk after checking your Junk or Spam folders.
  • Agreement: By sending photos to The Good Birth Company, you agree that: (a) You are the owner of the images and you are free to use them for any purpose as you wish; and (b) You grant to The Good Birth Company until 1/12/2015 a non-exclusive licence to publish the images in any media or format it chooses and to grant sub-licences to its trading partners.
  • The Good Birth Company commits that we will not alter the images with the exception of cropping or resizing them to fit a publishing format, and that we will only use them to promote waterbirth, our company and our products.



Deadline for entries: 10th November 2010
Shortlist announced: 17th November 2010
Prizes announced: 1st December 2010
Prizes delivered by: 9th December 2010
Judging Process

Amy Maclean will create a shortlist of 20 images for final review by herself, Dianne Garland and Sara Wickham. The judges will agree the award of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.

Announcement of Prize Winners

Prize winners will be contacted on 1st December by email or phone to arrange delivery of prizes. Other entrants will receive an email confirming that they have not won a prize. A selection of entries will be published at www.thegoodbirth.co.uk/waterbirth-photo-competition-2010. Only first names will be used next to published images.

About the Judges

Dianne Garland is one of the world's leading authorities on water birth. Dianne is author of Waterbirth: An Attitude to Care (new edition coming in 2010!) and leads waterbirth study days for midwives in the UK and all over the world. Dianne is often called as an expert witness in midwifery and continues to practice in Kent. Dianne's website is at www.midwifeexpert.com.

Sara Wickham is a midwife, writer on midwifery and editor of Essentially MIDIRS.

Amy Maclean is an Antenatal Teacher for the NCT, mother of 4 boys and Founder of The Good Birth Company, whose mission is the make waterbirth available to all women. Amy is author of a children's picture book about a forthcoming home water birth - Our Water Baby. Amy has had 3 fabulous home water births and is a keen amateur photographer.



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