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NHS Unit Birthing Pool Programmes

With NICE recommending 1 birth pool per 1000 births, many Trusts are struggling with limited space to add pools. Our portable solutions allow a room to remain flexible.

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The Good Birth Company works with more than 25 NHS delivery suites, labour wards and birth centres that use our portable birthing pool solutions. Our customers are typically seeking to increase the availability of birthing pools by using them in rooms that are not large enough to accommodate built-in solutions.

Our portable Birth Pool in a Box pools can be added to an existing unit with limited work on electrical and plumbing services in the room.

Customers with pools in a unit include:

Name Description
New Royal Hospital, Edinburgh 2 pools on MLU
City Hospital, Birmingham New MLU Serenity Suite in refurbished existing building. 3 rooms with birth pool in a box using latest RADA no-touch filling system.
Kings College, London 1 room with pool to provide additional waterbirth capacity
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Kensington Wing 1 pool on private birth unit
Homerton Hospital 2 pools on Delivery Suite
Darent Valley Hospital 2 pools on MLU
Luton & Dunstable Hospital 1 pool on Delivery Suite
Arrowe Park, Wirral 3 pools on MLU
Norwich Hospital 1 pool on Delivery Suite
Weston General Hospital 1 pool on Ashcombe Unit
Redditch Hospital 1 pool on Delivery Suite
Lincoln County, Lincoln 1 pool on Labour Ward
Worcester Royal Hospital 1 pool on Labour Ward
Pilgrim Hospital, Boston 1 pool on Labour Ward
Southmead Hpspital, Bristol 1 pool on MLU
Trafford Hospital 1 pool on Labour Ward
Maelor Hospital, Wrexham 1 pool on Labour Ward
Ninewells Hospital, Dundee 1 pool on Labour Ward
Montrose Birth Centre 1 pool on unit to reach goal of offering 100% of women use of water
Ayrshire Maternity Unit, Crosshouse Hospital 1 pool on unit to increase access to waterbirth capacity
Aboyne Hospital 1 pool on unit to attract more women to unit

birth pool in a box eco Professional Regular birth pool in a box Professional pools are FREE to NHS Trusts with the purchase of 20 disposable liners at £25 each. The Professional pools are particularly designed for repeated use with their higher-spec material and double-skinned base.

"The adjustable height and the soft, yet sturdy sides of the pool were great assets when we managed a shoulder dystocia birth. A rigid-sided pool would have made it much more difficult."
- Lynn Mayo, Team Leader, Andover Birth Centre

"We are so pleased with the birth pool in a box that we are now seriously considering whether a planned fixed pool is the right option for us."
- Elaine Torrance, Head of Midwifery, Jersey General Hospital

waterbirth in birth pool in a boxbirth pool in a box's features and their design rationale are explained here.

See dimensions and water capacity.

We can assist in the process of evaluation and have a draft Water Birth Clinical Guidelines document which you can adapt as you wish. Complete the enquiry form below and we will contact you.

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